Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Great Sporting Weekend

Lewis Hamilton 
What a sporting weekend it was here in UK. First there was the high-octane thrilling win of Lewis Hamilton in the F1 British Grand Prix. Like last year's monsoon-rain-drenched Fuji race, Lewis proved he is a master of the wet. He continued to pile on the pressure and made almost no mistake while the rest of the field were spinning like pinwheels on the slippery tarmac. He silenced his critics with his masterful win in impeccable style. Congratulations Hammi !

Federer and Nadal

Then there was the drama and extended excitement of the Nadal-Federer cliff hanger of a championship match in Wimbledon. It was just as well that the weather was dreary which was a further incentive to be a sports coach potato for a day.

In the comfort of our living room I often call Lewis Hamilton 'Hammi' whenever I urge him on. The name makes my teenage son cringe. Well I thought the Finnish drivers' names were cute. Names like Miki, Kimi, Heikki, Mikka, etc. So I thought why not Hammi though I don't want it to sound like a pet hamster.

I have been enthralled by this superbly talented young man ever since he came on the F1 circuit last year. People have grudgingly to admit that his entry was a massive boost to the flagging popularity of F1 with his proven ability on the track, his good looks, articulateness, likeable personality, including the accompanying controversy with Fernando Alonzo.

Years before I used to follow F1 but became quite disinterested because the only person who wins all the time was Michael Schumacher. He was a very dominant talent in those days that others simply didn't have a chance. Now there is an injection of young bloods who are more or less of the same abilities that would make each F1 meet unpredictable, exciting and watchable. Besides Hammi, there's of course Raikonnen, Alonzo, Massa, Kubica, Heidfeld, Rosberg, even Vettel. It's a shame that there is a big disparity in the performance of their cars otherwise it would have been extra thrilling. That is one reason why sometimes I prefer watching a touring car race since the cars there are more or less of equal footing so it is down to the driver's ability to win. Though I wouldn't want the extreme uniformity of the American NASCAR stock racing where same cars go around a oval track. For me it is just too boring.

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