Friday, October 16, 2009

MG Update - Oct 2009

Had a consultation with Dr.W this time in Selly Oaks Hospital. Thank goodness I don’t have to wait for 6 months before I can see him. I told him of my problems early September where I had a virus infection or a flu. It made my myasthenia worse making my breathing laboured and feeling increasing weakness all around. My GP Dr. P increased the dosage of my Prednisolone from 10mg daily to alternate 15mg/10mg daily. Problem is, it makes it hard for me to sleep at night which in turn reduces my rest and makes me tired which then makes my MG worse. Catch 22.

So it’s timely that Dr.W saw me 2 days ago who told me to increase my Azathioprine to 50mg 3 times a day. Plus he gave me a logbook for my blood tests, which I should have prior to seeing him, in order to monitor it more closely. He also told me to avoid taking sleeping aids like Piriton if I can help it.

Here are my dosages as of 16/10/2009:

Prednisolone – alternate 10mg/15mg per day
Azathioprine – 50mg x 3 per day
Levothiroxine – 50mcg per day
Metformin – 500mg per day
Sodium Alendronate – 70 mg per week