Sunday, March 09, 2008

MG Update

I had a consultation with my neurologist last Thursday and he said I seem to be improving quite well. My eyes are not drooping so much and importantly my bodily strength returned about three weeks ago. I still occasionally have periods especially at bedtime when I feel like I'm choking and have shallow breaths which makes sleeping problematic. I still get tired easily although not as bad before so I'm still taking things easy and try not to overdo things.

My specialist told me reduce my dosage of the steroids (prednisolone) to 7.5 gm every other day for 1 month then reduce further to 5 mg.

Dosages (as of 10 Mar 2008):

Prednisolone - 10 mg/7.5 mg alternate days
Azathioprine - 50 mg x 2 a day
Mestinon - 60 mg every 4 hours
Thyroxine - 50 mcg per day
Metformin - 500 mg per day
Sodium Alendronate - 70 mg per week

The only thing worse is being officially declared a diabetic (type 2) because my sugar level is 7 while the limit is 6.5. The GP told me that he's almost certain that this is caused by my taking of steroids for a few years now. So last Thursday as well (I was busy in the medical sort on that day) I attended my once-a-year diabetic check-ups consisting of blood, urine, and eye tests and plus a nurse and doctor check-ups. These are all to prevent or alleviate effects of diabetes. I was more hoping they could provide advice or even just literature on how to reduce effects of diabetes or lower the blood sugar level. I had to rely on books and the internet for that. Hopefully once my myasthenia has diminished to its minimum level I could start tackling my sugar level. For now I don't want to jeopardise my recuperation.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Top Dogs

You can hear a lot of oohs and aahhs from me and my kids these past few nights. The culprit is the TV coverage of this year's Crufts - the world's premier dog show. We just looove all the beautiful doggies on show. From the fluffy fur ball Frison Brise

to the utterly lovable English bulldog

Some are quite 'interesting' like this Komondor that looks like a big pile of rug!

I personally love the working dog group where I get to see my favourite St. Bernard. Aren't they handsome?