Thursday, February 08, 2007

Foire de Geneve

I visited my sister and her new son last November in Geneva. She just gave birth about a month before and we coincided the visit with a birthday break for myself and J3's very first airplane ride. Mind you, Easyjet wasn't too bad just make sure you outrun everybody in boarding so you'll get the best seats.

While there, it was fortunate that the Foire de Geneve (Geneva Fair) was in full swing. It's sort of like a covered market with stalls exhibiting or selling a myriad of things and services - from carpets, jacuzzi, kitchens, clothes, to food. As you might have guessed I was totalled engrossed in them, sampling, ogling and sometimes actually forking out to buy.

There was quite a number of Christmas decors and items on display with a matching Santa asking kids on his knees what their wishes were.

Let's start the food exhibits with this stalling selling different fruit flavoured sweets.

This is (I think) a sort of toffee made with butter and milk.

Now I love this stall where I got the lovely smooth delicious foie gras mousse pate. The lady selling these made me taste the foie gras generously spread over a slice of baguette with some fig-chocolate chutney. Oh it was absolutely delicious! So that's how I got 2 additional jars, one of fig-chocolate chutney and a onion-chocolate confit.

Next one was heaving with so many sausages you can hardly see the people behind the counter. All the products were made by a local Geneve company. They did have a wide range on display - from salami, dry and fresh sausages, peperoni, venison salami, etc.

A genuine Italian elateria had this luscious array of fruit flavoured ice creams in their stall. You can just imagine the long queue we had to endure before we could partake of these cool confections.