Thursday, March 31, 2005

Wardrobe Problems

I was looking lately in the shops for a dress or at least a top that I could wear to a formal evening do. I completely forgot that most of the evening attires for ladies have either plunging necklines or backless or both. The backless part I can live with (I just probably have to do more scrubbing while in the bath) but the plunging necklines - arrrgghhhh! I have a foot long scar going down in the middle of my chest and I'd rather not have people stare at it. What to do?

Well my choices are either go with a very conservative jacket or get a halter top. The latter would cover up my scar but reveal my chunky shoulders and arms. Maybe I'll just wrap up with a shawl. This just goes to show my frustrations in the wardrobe department. I'm not of a model silhoutte then I have a wormtape-like scar on my chest to contend with. Ho well ...

Weight Sentinel Week 10

It's been 3 weeks since I last posted my weight and I almost forgot to again this week. It’s now – dyan-dyaran-dyaran … 14 stones 5 pounds. Well after all that time it’s just about right I lose more than 2 pounds. But it’s not been easy my friends, oh no not at all. What with all those confections that I’ve been doing for the IMBB and SHF entries of in my food blog. Plus the back to back parties of my friends where I have to contribute at least 1 dessert or dish. The impulse to splurge completely was too hard to resist. My solution to this is to give away the tempting dessert as much as possible. My dear work colleagues and friends have now been benefiting from my dieting.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Spring in HG Wells country

My poor blog hasn't been updated for 2 weeks now. I've been very busy lately with real work, mummy work, achay (maid) work at home (where else) plus my unrelenting obsession with baking and cooking. Somehow these take precendence over blogging here. But nevertheless, hopefully from now on I can update this at least once a week.

We've had a respite from the cold since it started getting warmer last week. Spring is here! It's about time. The endless biting cold, overcast skies were beginning to affect my moods. Only the snow was welcome and it did indulge us with longer than usual visit. Normally, it snows here 2 days a year max. This year there was a stretch of almost 2 weeks with medium to light snow. I know my friends in the NE USA were cursing them what with back to back blizzards that dumped about 4-5 feet of snow at its height. Thankfully they're thawing already.

This sign I see almost everyday at the high street of the town in Kent where I work. It's only now that I remembered to take a picture of it and share it here.

Herbert George Wells or H.G. Wells is a giant in relatively contemporary English literature. He authored works ranging from science textbooks to comedy to science fiction (The War of the Worlds, The Time Machine). A man known for his inventiveness, he nevertheless showed much compassion for the plight of the common man with his works touching on his hope for social progress and human evolution.
For more insight on the man and his life and works click here and here.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Weighty Weight Week 7

I forgot to weigh myself last week so my log right now is 2 weeks’ worth. According to the old fashioned (non digital) weighing scale at the mall, I am now 14 stones and 7.5 pounds. That’s about .75 pounds loss per week. Previously it was 1 pound a week. Seems my weight loss is slowing down. At least it’s still going down which I am pleased. I really do hope I could sustain this long term. I guess time to exercise more rigorously.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

What's in a Name?

It is a word that a thing, a person, a place is called. It identifies the entity. To some extent a name defines it. For an institution it can signify status and reputation. A fa├žade of some sort that can attract the right kind of people it wants to draw in. Normally a good reputation is built up over the years. A result of hard work and good intentions among its members to generate good products much admired over the years.

This is what happened to the educational institution called Mapua Institute of Technology. For the past 80 years it had been known as a technical school of good repute. The high regard for it did not happen overnight but through the years of toil by professors and students alike to turn out an institution worthy of its name. And this is the main reason why I could not understand the plan of the current owners (Yuchengcos) to change the name to Malayan University. They have various ruses on their actions, among them being that Mapua will still retain its name but under the banner of Malayan University.

Firstly I don’t really trust that they will retain it for long. They have done things without any prior announcement or consultations with faculty and students like changing the school year periods from semestral to quartermestral, hiking up school fees, etc. Question is how can we be sure of they would stick to their word?

Secondly, Mapua’s name will be diluted with the name of Malayan University looming right above it in any document and signs on the walls.

The students and faculty are demanding that Mapua as an institution be left alone and consequently its name left intact. It has thrived in the past 80 years in its current setup, why fix something that’s not broken?

If ever they change the name why not it be Mapua University? Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a university of very high status in America but it still retained its ‘Institute of Technology’ title. Why? Because it’s what is has been known for a long time. And because the years of goodwill has been built up on it. Precisely the same case with Mapua.

Now, why ‘Malayan’? Is it because according to President Vea that the name ‘Malayan’ has sentimental value to the Yuchengcos? Well what about the sentimental value of the thousands of students and alumni? That just goes to show they don’t give a horse shit on their customers. I thought the Yuchengcos are good business people, why would they then alienate their customers? Did they not realise that a lot of parents send their children to study in Mapua because of its name, because of its reputation. And if you’re going to take that away how would you entice your customers with a product name that has no providence yet education-wise? I don’t get it, it doesn’t make good business sense. Nag-iisip kaya sila?

Right now almost all the students, faculty, and a large part of the admin staff are still in protest. As an overseas alumni I can only join you in spirit. If you would like to join us in protest please sign this online petition - click here.

No to Malayan University!!

Viva Mapua!!

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