Saturday, July 26, 2008



Last Saturday, I took the whole family to watch the critically acclaimed movie Wall-E. There were lots of resistance from the two elder teenagers thinking that this is another kids' movie and they're much more grown up for that. Hah! No sooner than they started the short film before the main one they were already in stitches. Nobody can resist a Looney Tunes-type of cartoon and that short film certainly was in that category.

I don't try to analyze or be a critic with any movie that I see. The only qualifier I ask after the end of each is - did I enjoy it? Once in a while I come across films that entertains me and at the same time makes me introspective. Wall-E is one of these. While I am tickled by the cute main characters (Wall-E and Eve) the sepia-like beautiful in-a-desolate-way landscape Pixar created is riveting. Makes you think of your responsibilities as a human being to this planet to prevent that cataclysmic scenario from happening.

Okay if I'm honest, Wall-E certainly entertained me - a lot. But it did not grip me as much as Finding Nemo or Toy Story did. After a day I couldn't remember much of the details of the plot. I wonder why? Maybe because the main characters have no speaking dialog? Or the second half of the film is not as elegant and more cartoonesque than the first? As I said I'm not into analysing films so I'll leave it to the professional critics to do the job. I'll just wait for the DVD to come out and add it to our collection.

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