Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MG Update - July 2008

Experienced some MG relapse starting around 17th of July. This must be because a few days before that (9/7/09) I was so very exhausted with my whole day trip with Joshua to and from Croydon. We rushed back home again in the afternoon to see off Janine to her prom. As expected I was very tired afterwards. The next day I had flu-like symptoms and I think this aggravated my MG. A week later I was having double visions and had trouble breathing.

I quickly phoned my neurologist's secretary who upon hearing my breathing problems told me to see my GP right away and call my neurologist's registrar. I followed her instructions and my GP called my neurologist right there and then. My GP then increased my prednisolone from the alternate 5mg/7.5 mg to 10mg everyday. By the time I went back 4 days later, my breathing was better and I didn't have anymore double visions.

My scheduled appointment with my neurologist came up on the 28th of July and in our meeting he examined me and advised to continue with my daily 10mg prednisolone for six weeks then reduce it to 7.5 mg for four weeks then put it back to my normal alternate 5mg/7.5mg.

Current dosages:

prednisolone - 10mg daily (for 6 weeks)
azathioprine - 50mg x2 daily
levothyroxine - 50 mcg daily
metformin - 100mg daily
alendronic acid - 70mg once a week

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