Saturday, September 11, 2004

Pinoy Dictionary

I was cleaning my hard drive this afternoon and I came across an old Pinoy "translation" joke emailed to me years and years ago. I kept because it never fails to make me smile whenever I read it. I don't know who the author was or who originally sent it to me. So whoever wrote this - thank you - may your wit's still with you. No. 6 is for Ca T. he he!



1. Persuading - Unang Kasal
2. Devastation - Istasyon ng bus
3. Protestant - Tindahan ng prutas
4. Profit - Messenger of God
5. Statue - Ikaw ba 'yan?
6. Predicate - Pakawalan mo ang pusa
7. Aspect - Pantusok o pandurog ng yelo
8. Effort - Paliparan (o paradahan ng eroplano)
9. Deduct - Ang bibe
10. Defeat - Ang paa (ng bibe?) ha,ha!
11. Detail - Ang buntot (ng bibe?)
12. Deposit - Gripo(call DIPLOMA if DEPOSIT is
13. City - Bago mag-utso (8)
(A number to follow 6)
14. Melt - Ngawit ng mewang
15. Cattle - Doon nakatila ang Hali at Leyna
16. Depress - Ang nagkasal sa PERSUADING
17. Defense - Ginamit na pansulat sa kontrata sa
18. It depends - Kainin mo ang bakod
19. Shampoo - Bago mag labing-isa (11)
(A number to follow 9)
20. Delusion - Maluwag (kapag maluwang ang damit,
21. Delivery - Walang bayad. (Kapag working lunch,
eh DELIVERY na ang tanghalian)

No. 3 above is about Protestants. It reminded me of a phone conversation I had with my son several months ago, it went like this:

Me: We have to go to Auntie Helen's place because it's EJ's church confirmation.
Son: Oh okay.
Me: Do you know what church confirmation means?
Son: Yeah it's a way to find out the difference between Catholic and prostitutes.
Me: What did you say?! Do you mean Protestants?
Son: Prostitute, Protestants - whatever!
(At this point I was laughing so hard my colleagues were all looking at me wondering why I did not take my medications. hehehe!)

So people, are you a Catholic or a prostitute? Bwa hahaha!!


JMom said...

Ha!Ha!Ha! Thanks for making me smile this morning, Celia. It took me a minute to get started (I'm a little slow on the uptake), but I finally got it. My husband laughs at me, cause sometimes, he'll tell me a joke and I'll be like, "ah, that's funny, honey". And he'll say, "don't worry, you'll get it tomorrow". Sure enough, we'd be doing something else later, and I would burst out laughing. He would then roll his eyes and say, "by gosh, she's finally got it!" BTW, your son sounds like my daughters, funny :))

celia kusinera said...

Glad you liked it. I am always tickled when I read that 'translation'. Regards.

Dr. Emer said...

This is very funny! I've forwarded it to some of my friends. Thanks!

celia kusinera said...

Yeah forward it - the more people who read it the merrier!