Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I'm pretty excited this morning upon seeing that my gumamela planted indoors bloomed. Hehe. Funny how plants and flowers that you took forgranted while growing up in the Philippines now occupies a site of honor in the house. Its blooms eargerly awaited. I think this is called the "suson-suson na gumamela" or in English (or is it Latin?) Hibiscus. This particular variety is called 'Koenig'.

Planting advice said to place it in a south facing window because of the need for lots of light and warmth. Pruning is advised during March-October or even in spring and it is important because it stimulates growth and that buds form on new shoots. I was wondering why some of the buds on my plants dropped off, I found out that it (the pot) should not be turned while there are buds. If it is absolutely necessary then turn no more than 1/8 turn per week.

The only complaint I have is that the flowers do not last more than 1.5 days. Owww!


Manang said...

Ganda! Baka me seedlings kang extra, padalhan mo naman ako! Totoo ka, yung mga taken for granted na flowers natin (most of them I have forgotten the names), ngayon ko naaappreciate. Pero naman kasi, sa area ko nun, halos walang nagtatanim! Kami nun, me tanim na ampalaya, pandan, and camote, no flowers.

celia kusinera said...

hi manang, yeah sa atin usually yung pakikinabangan ang tinatanim. Hindi masyadong pansin ang flowering decorative plants. How's the weather there? Malamig na ba?