Monday, August 04, 2008

Italian Church In London

When I had my training in London last year I did a post in my food blog about interesting sights and food around the area of the training venue. One thing I forgot is to post here of another quirky find.

Italian Church
See this church? It's not just any old Catholic church. It's an Italian Catholic church which judging from the memorials outside has been here for quite sometime. I find it fascinating to see these out of the ordinary places hidden in the nook and crannies of London. At the time, they have just finished a service and was closing up so I did not see the inside. And yes the parishioners are all Italian speaking London locals which considering the number of nearby Italian delis and restaurants make this corner of Clerkenwell intriguingly Italian.

I didn't get a chance to see the inside since they were closing up.

There is some kind of a war memorial in the fenced-off porch in front. I hope next time I can get inside and have a look around.

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