Friday, August 08, 2008

Beijing's Coming Out Party

courtesy of BBC Sports

There can be some advantages in staying at home when you're ill. One of them is to get to see the opening ceremony of the four-yearly Olympics in its entirety. I never got to see the previous ones because they're either shown in some ungodly hour or during weekdays or the replay is in some ungodly hour.

So I get to enjoy what Beijing Olympic has to offer yesterday and it was a fantastic, stunning and unforgettable experience. There were so many ooohs and ahhhs that I kept my mouth shut to prevent my jaw from dropping. It must have been so much of an sensory overload if you're in that beautiful bird nest stadium.

Beijing sure knows how to throw a party to announce to the world its 'coming of age' in the modern era. Now let me gear up for the round-the-clock watching of so many Olympic events I'm interested in - rowing, swimming, gymnastics, and I hope they televise the basketball games as well.

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