Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Weighty Weight Week 3

So here I am at the start of my week 3. I am eager to move on, meaning eat other types of food. Last 2 weeks I was so vegged out, why I have vegetables practically coming out of my ears! I know it's healthy, makes me feel spritely and gives me nice smoother skin. But I can only eat veggies for so long I am dying for some fruits! Strange this diet, I thought I'm going to crave for carbs as in great mounds of rice or hot oil drenched chips (thick fries). What I found I'm craving for are sweets especially after a main meal. Just hope I can stick with this in the long run.

I weighed again as usual and I now tip the scales at 14 stones and 11 pounds - meaning I lost a further 2 pounds! I am mighty pleased. At least all the will power and self control I mustered to prevent me gorging on the fluffy mash my daughter made last night or the banana cake I baked last weekend or the disastrous egg tarts last Sunday, had not gone to waste. Roll on week 3 and hello to fruits and beans in my diet.

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