Tuesday, January 04, 2005

New Year Cliche

I haven’t done a New Year’s resolutions list since I was in high school. I thought it’s a complete waste of time. Thinking, if you really want to change you can start any time of the year. But the advent of 2005 gave me this feeling that I have to start on a ‘clean slate’ and do something about 'issues' I want to change in myself starting with:

  1. Lose weight! – It is not only for aesthetic reasons but more importantly for health reasons. My steroid dosage is decreasing so I might have better chances of taking off unwanted pounds this time around. My family has a history of hypertension (high blood pressure) and my father had a stroke 2 years ago. This does not bode well for me if I keep my current weight. Since I intend to live a longer life to enjoy the company of my family, I have to do ... to rally myself to act … to liberate myself from excess weight and to steer away from the ‘Plus’ section of women’s wear. Let the battle of the bulge begin!! The main reason I am declaring this to the whole universe in this blog is to shame myself into really putting this into action. Otherwise I will constantly slip with various excuses on why so. Kakahiya if a month or two later I still haven’t lost anything. So I will post weekly weight reports. Sorry to inflict this on you people but I need an audience to really embarass me for motivation. That is my strategy … God help me if this still doesn’t work!

  2. Come to work on time – Hee hee! I’ve been coming to work a bit late (so do a lot of people around me) but we have flexitime therefore, I do go home late so I definitely make up for my lateness. We really don't have much enthusiasm to come to work since we will be all chucked out of the company by the end of the year but we're still employees here we're still getting paid and I feel like I’m really slacking off if I am constantly one of the last one in. Besides I want to go home earlier so I could have more time with my kids before they go to bed. I have always been a night owl. Always sleeping late, more in gear in the evenings. Now I have to check in bed early (as in between 11 and 12) and get up early. Early to bed early to rise make Celia healthy, wealthy (buy lotto tix) and wise!

  3. Less time bloghopping – This is probably one of the hardest one to do since I have internet access almost everywhere I go. I do enjoy blogging and do enjoy reading other people’s blogs but it is bordering on obession and it’s eating up on my time with my family. I have met great people through my blog trawling (made good friends, too) and read lots of brilliant posts and do enjoy it immensely. It broadened up my horizon, honed up my writing skills (if you may call it that) and have rekindled my long lost love on literature and poetry. However, I do have to put brakes on it if I still want to not miss my kids’ developments. I think I will just go on quality rather than quantity.

How’s that for a list? It’s short but at least the intention is there. And now for my prayer:

God please grant me the discipline to stick to my above list of resolutions for the whole year and please make sure to whoop my ass everytime I get out of line. Amen.

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