Thursday, January 13, 2005

Joss Stone

I often write about music that I love during my youth (oh my, matanda na talaga ako! I'm really getting old!). I love old music but that doesn't mean I don't listen to the music of the now. My taste is eclectic so I can listen to pop, soul, R&B, rock, dance, garage, even hip hop (although not much of the latters). As early as last year my ears have been alerted of a major talent in the making. Joss Stone is a 17-year-old (imagine that young!) from Devon, UK, who's been wowing people with her great set of pipes ever since the release of her first album (the Soul Sessions) late last 2003. She has been dubbed the white Aretha Franklin. Well I don't think she can belt as high or as intense (there's only one Aretha!) but she certainly impressed me with her soulful and smoky voice, great singing - all these in the body of a teenager! I am definitely a fan now. She reminds me of Camille Velasco who was one of the Fil-Am contestant of the last American Idol reality TV show. Camille has a similar smoky, husky tone in her voice. I wonder if it would suit her to sing soul and R&B rather than her favoured hip hop?

Back to Joss, she has a new album called Mind Body & Soul which was released late last year. I have yet to hear the whole of it but judging from the bits that I heared on the radio it is a cracker. It's not often that a new singing talent comes out without much of the 'packaging' that is prevalent in the business. I hope Joss' career will continue to sky rocket; continue to grow as a person, singer, and musician; her singing and repertoire to improve; and her feet kept firmly on the ground.

P.S. I forgot to give the link to her official website, click here. Go to 'Download' and hear her sing.

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