Tuesday, January 25, 2005

In This Corner, Weighing In At ...

My weight loss program starts today, as a prerequisite of course I have to weigh myself to find out if my efforts are going anywhere. I went to the nearby mall this lunchtime and weighed in at one of those ginormous scales where you put in 20p in a slot. I tipped at … tan-ta-ran-ta-ran ... 15 stones and 3 pounds! (It’s your problem to convert it to kilos and pounds. ;) Numbers in stones just look smaller). God, I hope nobody reads this. (Gagah! Ini-blog mo sa mundo tapos ayaw mong may makaalam?! My yin-yang angels are arguing.) This is sooo embarassing, it's the most I have weighed in my whole life.

According to my Body Mass Index
calculations, since I am 5’6” my ideal weight is around 11 stones. So that means I have to lose at least 4 ½ stones! Wooo, that’s a lot. I don’t expect to lose a lot fast because first, I have slow metabolism due to my hypothyrodism and steroid intake, second, I am in this for a long term not for short bursts of weight loss. I would rather lose it slowly and keep it off rather than shed it fast and furious then put it back on again.

I will post my weight weekly for about 2 months. Then after that, fortnightly for a few months then monthly. Wish me luck.

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