Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Things We Do For Our Kids

I made the mistake of gifting my youngest with a Care Bear movie DVD. Now she wants to watch it over and over again which is not a problem except everytime she wants at least one of us to sit with her and watch this saccharinely cutesy movie. Uggghhh!! Oh whenever I watch it, it really makes me want to puke. My husband has since hidden the offending DVD – all of us feigning innocence when J3 asks where it is. Out of sight out of mind.

Years earlier when her two older siblings were toddlers, they used to torture me with those Barney videos. ‘I love you, You love me, We’re a happy family’ … oh give me a break! Get a life Barney !! Did you know there was a Usenet group called Barney.Kill.Barney.Die.Die.Die.Die.Die (or something like that)? I wonder what they discuss there, maybe different ways to exterminate Barney?

What about the Teletubbies? I find them cute actually although it would really turn your brain to mush in no time at all. I can’t see the reason why babies – that’s right babies – love those bubble shaped alien-like tubbies. The first time my youngest saw it on TV she was only 6 months old and she was sitting rapt in attention and not even blinking while watching. There must be some truth in what they’re saying that the electromagnetic waves TV is emitting can be hypnotic. The kids certainly seem like in a trance when they watch their favourite TV programs.

During the height of the Pokemon craze, my kids requested to watch the movie version in the cinema. It was a pointing game between me and my husband on who would take them. Unfortunately I lost (he got a better excuse) so there I was sitting for 2 hours feeling positively suicidal controlling myself from running out screaming like a banshee. God I miss Sesame Street! Hey there are adult friendly kids show out there other than Sesame Street, there’s the all-time classic Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes. Pixar and Disney movies are always enjoyable, my favourites are Toy Story and Finding Nemo. Actually they’re too good to waste on kids – hahaha! That’s why I’m hogging the DVDs of these. ;-)

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