Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Ooh Baby It's A Wild World

All this discussion of old music favourites got me and my husband talking about the best loved folk singers of the 70s. Jim Croce is one, though he died in 1973. Neil Young is another one, and what about Cat Stevens? We remembered he figured in an immigration fracas in the US last month. He even wrote about it in a letter to the Guardian.

He led or rather is leading an interesting life. The guy was born Steven Demetre Giorgiou and grew up in the West End of London. The youngest child of a Greek Cypriot and a Swedish woman. They were running a restaurant in Shaftesbury Avenue in London. The first name change happened at around the age of 18 - Cats Stevens - was the result of this. It is the name he carried when he catapulted the fame. He later on converted to Islam and changed again his name to Yusuf Islam. He remains a committed Muslim and leader in the British Muslim community to this day.


BongK said...

Manang Celia,

im a great fan of the 70's singers (James Taylor, Jim Croce, Don Mclean, Kenny Rankin, Loggins and Messina, Jackson Browne, Kalapana, Carly Simon, Carole King and their contemporaries).. some of my favorite Cat Stevens' songs include "Moonshadow", "Morning ha Broken", "I Never Wanted to be a Star", "Father and Son", "Hummingbird", "Ive Got a Thing About Seeing mg Grandson Grow Old" and many more.. wheww minsan magkantahan tayo ha hehehe magandang umaga po sa inyo (bati mula sa Manila)

ladycharlie said...

yeah! go, go, go 70s! probably the best decade as far as the music world is concerned! so may talented artists. question...which decade is the "The Foundations" music categorised? they sang "build me up, buttercup", "baby, now that i found you" etc...saw them perform in a concert here in kent along with "The Real Thing" - grabe, super enjoy!!!

celia kusinera said...

Hi BongK and LadyC, me too I'm a great fan of 70s music. From folk, disco, funk, rock you name it ang galing. Sabi nga ni Jim Paredes all the good and great original music stopped when the 70s ended.

Anonymous said...

gusto ko yung "wild world." sumikat yun nung bata pa ako. lagi kong naririnig sa radyo.

-- ederic

celia kusinera said...

hello ederic, nice of you to drop by. I like all of Cat Stevens songs especially Father & Son.