Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Blog Snub

A funny thing happened in the Pinoy blogging community, the Sassy Lawyer alerted us to the new “Talking Points” section of and how apparently the newspaper failed to give credit to the suggestion of a Pinoy blogger they interviewed days before and also snubbing the large group of opinionated, lively, funny Pinoy bloggers.

I normally do not blog about anything political or ‘newsworthy’ things but this for me is another case that smacks of colonial mentality that should be protested in what other way than to blog about it. INQ7 deemed that ideas put forward by American bloggers is a much better source to credit than Pinoys bloggers who has been in this scene for years. I’ve been reading both western and Pinoy political/news bloggers and I can confidently say that the best Pinoy bloggers can comfortably compare with the rest and best of the world’s. They are as educated, intelligent, eloquent, articulate, persuasive, opinionated as any other western bloggers. So why deny credit from them? Why write as if they do not exist at all?

They have conveniently forgot about an article on
Migs Paras where he was suggesting a talk back site in INQ7 where bloggers can post their reactions via a link to their blogs. Also another article a few days back discussed the Pinoy blog scene. And *nothing* about these articles from the same publication has been mentioned at all in the Talking Points section. Hmmm, are they thinking that Pinoys are not worthy enough to give credit to or mention at the very least?

See other Pinoy bloggers having a go at Talking Points: micketymoc, purplegirl, tin tin, yuga, marvin, lorimer, among others.

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