Monday, August 17, 2009

MG Update - Aug 2008

Well it looks like my MG is getting pretty persistent. I'm having shortness of breath and limb weakness again despite having my steroids increased more than 3 weeks ago. So today I went back to my GP to aske for his help. This time he told me to increase my steroids to alternate 15mg/10mg per day while keeping the rest of my medications the same. I do hope it will stabilise my MG. The last thing I want is for it to flare up into a major episode.

My GP also assured me that he will contact my neurologist about my condition and told me to come back after two weeks. Here are my current dosages:

prednisolone - 15mg/10mg alternate daily
azathioprine - 50mg x2 daily
levothyroxine - 50 mcg daily
metformin - 100mg daily
alendronic acid - 70mg once a week

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