Saturday, June 21, 2008

MG Update - June 2008

I forgot to post here the new dosage that my neurologist gave me the last time I saw him on the 6th of June. And by the way, he's seeing me in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham housed in that big old Victorian building that badly needs renovation.

I'm fairly stable in my MG but feels a bit hypothyroid due to feeling more sluggish than normal. A lot of times feeling as if my mind is in a haze like something is blurring my thinking making it hard for me to concentrate and react mentally slower than usual. He had my blood re-tested for my thyroid levels although I just had them about 2 weeks ago.

The result of that thyroid test 2 weeks ago was evaluated by a GP in my local surgery. She said it is at normal levels so she does not seem to believe me. Anyway she said to call the surgery again when the 2nd thyroid test comes and then we will see if I am really hypothyroid again.

I'm due to see my neurologist again in around 3 months' time.

Current dosages as of 06 June 2008:

Prednisolone - 7.5 mg/10 mg alternate days
Azathioprine - 50 mg x 2 per day
Thyroxine - 50 mcg per day
Metformin - 500 mg per day
Mestinon - 60 mg per day
Alendronic Acid - 70 mg per week

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