Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Dudley Chronicles - Week 4

I found out that a contractor colleague of mine is staying in the same B&B in Stourbridge as me! He and another colleague invited me to their mid-week hike in nearby nature parks or woodlands. I agreed immediately since I really like hiking. But as usual, I got more than I bargained for. It was towards the end of May so it's not too chilly nor too hot. Perfect weather for outdoor activities.

They took me to Kinver Edge which had lots of hilltop views. Ergo, when you have hilltop views that means you have to climb. Oh god, I thought I was gonna die! The paths we walked were quite steep that I was panting like a dog. I could manage only a few meters at a time (near the top I think it was only a few feet at a time). Besides that I am overweight and not at all fit, I haven't done hiking in the last few years.

After the torture of the steep climb we were rewarded with great views across the Black Country, Birmingham, and we could even see as far as the Malvern Hills. Really nice. After about a couple of miles we went deep in the woods and explored some caves and saw some houses build right on to rock cliffs. I had a great time walking and exploring around. Good thing it was summer so even if we started at 7:30PM and finished at 10:30PM there was still light. Next stop is a pub, stayed there for a couple of drinks and headed home straight into bed at 11:30PM. Sleep has never been so welcome. Ahhhh ...

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