Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Lion King Birthday

Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre
Last month I decided to treat Tony on his 45th birthday with a dinner and a theatre show. Since the lower end of the age spectrum in our family weighs heavily on our choice of entertainment, we decided on seeing the wholesome Lion King instead of a more 'interesting' shows like Chicago. I made reservations for tickets with a pre-theatre dinner included which was good value for money.

I chose PJ's Grill for our restaurant. Largely because all the other choices had bad reviews mainly and unforgiveably in its food. Sloppy service can be excusable on lots of pretext, but please not with food. Thankfully, PJ's didn't have any problem with either of it; with courteous (although somewhat harried) waiting staff and good tasty food to be had in its dining halls. It was also something different for us since most of the time we eat out we end up in a Chinese restaurant.

The highlight of the night of course, is the Lion King musical. It would have been better if the upper circle (where our seats were located) area were a little lower. The endless stairs we trudged on were about the equivalent of 5 stories high! By the time we reached the top we were panting like dogs. The ushers didn't bat an eyelid on our antics. It must have been a regular sight for them. Anyhow, our seats were excellent, it was right in front and at the edge right smack in the middle. No heads bobbing in front of us blocking our way. We had perfect line of sight of the stage. Bliss! Needless to say, we enjoyed our view of the outstanding show especially J3 who was singing along and very excited in seeing such a colourful and magical show.

Let's not forget that all of this is for the husband who celebrated his 45th birthday. Happy Birthday Tony !!

Lion King musical

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