Monday, January 30, 2006

Funky Maps and Images

Oh poor blog of mine, haven't been updated for more than a month! Well, it's got something to do with me trying to find a job. So people out there, please pray that I find a good job very soon.

On another note, I've found some nifty softwares and websites that aids in how we look at our world.

First is the Google Earth where you see the topview almost any part of the world maybe including your own street and your own house! It's not very detailed in every place but in cities like Hong Kong, the minute features in the images are simply astonishing. You'll have to download and install Google's software though but you don't have to worry since it's so easy to do.

Next is the World Sunlight Map where you could see an interpretation on how the earth would look out in space ... when stretched out flat.

Last one is this cool website Circular Life wherein you could see different places gradually go through the different phases during the day. Try it - it's real cool. :)

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