Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Black Eyed Peas London concert

Black Eyed Peas concert tickets
I'm still buzzing from the great time we had in the Black Eyed Peas' London concert tonight that I thought I just had to blab about it. Although I like a number of BEP's songs I'm not really into it as my two older kids (14 & 13 yo). I was thinking I'm just going there to be a chaperone but no, I did enjoy it more than them. And I even outlasted them both, by about 10:30 PM my daughter was already complaining she's tired while I was still raring to go. Hah! they did not reckon their mum was a veteran party goer. ;)

The concert hall was packed to the rafters. I was sheepishly looking at other concert goers in case I was the only middle aged one. I need not have worried, there were a number of oldies plus lots of kids even younger than mine. The crowd was great, responsive and was almost consistently on their feet singing and dancing to the music.

The show was fantastic, not only were the music and the singing/rapping very very good but I didn't know they all could dance very well. Apl.de.ap (the Pinoy one) could really break dance then Fergie did a belter while doing several one-handed somersaults - wow!! I really really love their show. But what made it more special for me is when Apl rapped 'Bebot' - their all-Tagalog song! I just want to say to Apl - I AM SO SO PROUD OF YOU, man!!! Unlike some Pinoy performers who chose to ignore or hide their heritage, this man celebrates and flaunts it. Well done, Apl, I know this is redundant but - I'm so proud singing/rapping that song at the top of my lungs! I know I know, my kids were cringing saying I was embarassing them but really, I couldn't care less.

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