Tuesday, May 03, 2005

the Webbies

The 9th Webby Awards has announced its winners! One of my favourites, the Guardian, which I read almost everyday won the best Newspaper website category. I noticed my one other favourite site, the BBC, was nominated in several other categories. While the blog category was won by the prolific BoingBoing.net. Have a look at the winners and the nominees you might discover new, exciting and informative sites in the outstanding list of sites there. Case in fact, I love that winner in the humor category – Dooce (warning colourful language!). She’s not only hilarious but also unselfishly shared some blogging and photography techniques. I discovered the Webby several years ago and through it I was led onto a lot of note worthy and useful sites that made my working life bearable. ;-) 'Hope it will do the same and more to you.

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