Monday, November 03, 2008

Make-up Promotional Gifts

Whenever I pass by the cosmetic counters of department stores or pharmacies, I can't help ogling and desiring after the free promotional gifts the different cosmetic companies are giving out. I don't even wait for the conference folder toting, survey taking ladies to chat me up with a view to buying something. I just get on with the business of nabbing these cute traveller-sized cosmetics. I just love the small, dinky, cute give-aways and usually same with the bags they come with. Although the latter is more of a hit or miss. In one rare instance it not only came with a bag but with a small promotional umbrella. How cool is that?

I don't know what I liked more, their smallness or the fact that they're free. Well, not really free unless you buy two or more premium priced product of theirs. And therein lies my problem, I am willing to pay for their expensive stuff in order to get these freebies. How stupid is that? It even came to a point several years ago that I was buying things I don't really need just so I can get the promotional gifts. Analysing my desire for these, I think it's a combination of that 'sale' mentality of women where we get so zealous of nabbing a sale item even if it's cheaper elsewhere at regular price plus the fact that I really really adore those cute little bottles and compact cases. Did I mention I like them very much?

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