Monday, August 30, 2004

Gary V concert

concert tickets

Me, the hubby, and my eldest, J1, went to see Gary Valenciano in concert at the Carling Apollo Hammersmith theatre last 28th of August. The tickets were courtesy of Dang & Dennis who were with us as well. Thanks very much D&D !

The venue was full packed but we got good seats at the stalls. Kaya lang the edge of the circle seats (balcony) was right above us. I thought - wala sanang dumura! (I hope nobody spits!). hehe!

Atmosphere was electric, I didn't get to see the front acts because we were so busy settling in our seats. Apparently the seat numbers got mixed up and some people were sitting in D&D's seats. Anyway, the show got underway and when Gary first appeared I thought - eto ba ang karenta na?! He looks so good and young looking. He did not seem to have aged. Which can't be said with the rest of us. He gave his usual great performance - great singing, superb showmanship, great rapport with the audience. Ang reklamo ko lang eh bakit ang tagal naman ng daldal niya sa pag-itan ng kanta. Naiisip ko tuloy - dinadaya yata kami nito. Dinadaan sa kwento para makalimutan na kailangan niyang kumanta. Hehehe!

J1 was miserable most of the time. As he's only 13, he's never heard of most of Gary's music so he didn't really appreciate it. He only lightened up when Blackeyed Peas' "Where is the Love" was sung. So I keep supplying him with coins to buy drinks or snacks to keep him occupied.

We enjoyed it very much the evening was great even the traffic was cooperating. It took us only about 40 minutes to get to and from Hammersmith which normally takes more than an hour. The only thing a bit askew was when Deng started getting dizzy on our way out of the theatre. Hubby has to hold on to him. Deng got reacquainted with Jack Daniels that night. By the time we were out hubby was practically carrying him. He promptly sat him on a metal box by the pavement. Deng hasn't sat down for 10 seconds when he puked. It's so funny because both J1 and Dang shrieked instead of helping him. Hehehe! What an end to a great night.


Anonymous said...

this is a test post. isa dalawa tatlo ang tatay mong kalbo. yat yi sam sei m luk chat phat gau sap...


ladycharlie said...

WHOA! i didn't know about this. sayang! would you happen to know where i could get updates on this? and if there are more pinoy artists coming to perform in the UK?

celia kusinera said...

Hello Lady C, thanks for dropping by. Are you in the London area? If you are, you can get Pinoy newspapers in any of the Pinoy groceries/shops in Earls Court. They usually advertise the latest festivals or concerts. When we saw Gary V they handed out flyers at the gates for an APO Hiking Society concert on 5th Dec at Wembley. Ticket Sales office nos are: 0207 3733227, 0208 9099729, or 01932 707093. I'm planning to go I bet it's another great evening. They have Nanette Inventor and Geneva Cruz as guests.

ladycharlie said...

Hey, thanks for the info! I might go as well.